Bine ati venit!

добродошли !

ברוך הבא !

ברוכה הבאה ! ようこそ !




A new EU initiative for tracking the creative act of resistance, levurENERGY is a supplement to Levure littéraire, a multilingual and multi-disciplinary webzine, facilitating and optimizing the solidarity between the languages and cultures of the world in the current uncertain environment.

From creative intelligence to cultural effectiveness, from group effectiveness to managerial efficiency, levurENERGY gives access to different invitations and artistic experiments: workshops, knowledge, contests, awards, residencies and design houses, exchanges, sharing and partnerships, publishing, systems of cultural mediation.

Thus, the communicative energy and collaboration platform levurENERGY is an innovative website that allows you to rediscover the creative act and its conative aspects, as well as the process of creative advertising in a cultural milieu.

levurENERGY accompanies artistic creation through a shared intercultural adventure, recommends worthy authors and artists, targets activities and international events, while it conducts and promotes projects belonging to the different foreign editors of Levure littéraire.