Remember the days when you picked up a paint brush and thought to yourself, « No way I’m ever going to finish this job! »? And then 50 or 60 years later you realized you’d not only finished it, but lived to paint another house, dig another hole, write another book, paint another picture, design another bag, eat another snail…? Seems to be the nature of the beast that we go on and on until we can’t go on any longer. Some of us wait until the lights dim and finally go out on their own; others turn out the lights themselves, for one reason or another. For them, mostly, we’ll never fully know the « Why? » Either way, the loss is both damaging and mesmerizing to those who remain behind. Our loss is their loss — the loss of Them… They who gave so much, or who sometimes took so much, but who nevertheless will be remembered. For our part, we hope you’ll stick around. There’s more to come.


As always, we hope you’ll enjoy this issue of Ragazine, which includes a few new features designed to help you navigate the pub and your world a little more easily. 


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« This old world’s what you make it, all depends on how you take it. » 

— Charlie Brogue
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